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Just working great
- Anonymous
Mint - Great Job - works a treat.
- Lee Kebbell
This is heaven-sent! Thank you!
- Anonymous
Thank you for your work and the further development. Please keep it up. :)
- Tobias H
Thank you mery much for spytify! Works like a charm
- Anonymous
Thank You!
- Anonymous
Spytify is great stuff, thank you.
- Ola Berntsson
Love it. Release 1.8 fixed all the Spotify metadata crashing and inconsistencies. Thank you for all the hard work!
- Anonymous
Thank a lot for your work, Used it to make cd's for my grandparents. They're not so good with tech so plain old cd is the best way to make sure they can easily enjoy the music. Cheers!
- Pierre-Yes Machavoine
Hey, thank you so much for this! There wasn't a way in hell I wasn't going to at least give you what I already give Spotify every month. Keep up the great work!
- Anonymous
Cheers for this great piece of software! I'm not sure if you know, but it was kinda hard to find actually. I guess advertising beats the point, so whatever, enjoy your beer and thanks again :D.
- Anonymous
This is exactly what I need, thanks for creating and maintaining this!
- Anonymous
Thank you so much!
- Anonymous
An amazing application, truly. I always felt cheated by Spotify Premium being so limited, but this opens up a whole new world. Thank you.
- Alex F
Great tool, thanks for making it free.
- Anonymous
Hello! I love this application. It has allowed me to download my entire spotify music collection offline and to an older ipod I still use. I think today's constant connected online world is just too much. There is no reason I have to stream my favorite song over and over going through spotify DRM (and wasting data). This app has been so liberating. My music strings attached - EVER! I do have one suggestion if I may. In my opinion, this application would go from fantastic to perfect with the addition of .flac support. .flac is open source, lossless, and quite reasonably sized (especially compared to .wav) Thanks again for what you have built, a path away from forced digital restrictions management!
- addFlac please!
Hi, awesome work man! Can you also make it optional to inlude the interpret of the song to the title of the file (I guess prior to title would be best)? That way, if you mix up, you don't need to find out which song belongs to which author ;)
- Anonymous
Support from an Irish student. Keep up the good work on Spytify!
- Zugidor Rodiguz
Great work! ThX!
- Anonymous
Thanks for providing this for free!
- Anonymous
You have saved my many hours of my life trying to download songs for personal use. £25 is nothing for what you have saved me but enjoy. Stay safe.
- LongLive DNB
Great Work! :)
- Fresh Dumb
Thank you man.
- Hoang Nguyen
Works really well, saved me buying a new car stereo which would have cost £££ i can just rip to mp3 and then put on CD now. Occasional crash but very stable generally. Thanks.
- Az Ows
Thanks mate - very kind of you to make this available to people for free. Enjoy a beer on me!
- Absolute Zer0